Itsas Lore is located on the coast-way of Santiago´s pilgrimage. 
Following it to the East, we reach Santa Bárbara´s little church, with some wonderful sights over the beach of Zarautz.; the beach itself, 20 minutes away by walk, or the park of Vista Alegre. 
On the other hand, if we go west we get to the beautiful town of Getaria, to its 2 beaches, or to its wonderful park of San Anton and its lighthouse.
Also on the west way, following the edge of Garate´s hill, we can reach the district of Azkizu or follow till Zumaia where we can take a healthy bath with seaweeds.
The natural park of Pagoeta is in 1 hour and 15 minutes accessible.
Anyway walks round this house can always be improvised.

All these hikes can also be done practising mountain bike.