As we have already mentioned in the location, we are less than 1 hour away from the main basque capitals, which makes all their monuments, expositions and other events really close.
Closer, and perhaps not so well known, are the Route of the 3 temples, Aránzazu,-Zumárraga-Loiola; the copy of the prehistoric cave of Ekain, from May of 2003;the Agorregi foundry, in the natural park of Pagoeta; the Flysch of Zumaia, an impressing sight of the cliffs; the interior of Gipuzkoa, from Azpeitia-Régil-Tolosa; walks from Orio to San Sebastián, through Igueldo´s hill, and so on.
Anyway, Xeri or Antton will kindly be glad to give you any information you may request, or to give you some advise, according to your interests..